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Mahjong 3D Matching Puzzle apk

Mahjong 3D Matching Puzzle apk
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Mahjong 3D Matching Puzzle is a game you can play on the go. It is a tile-matching game where the player has to match tiles based on color and shape. The game’s object is to clear all tiles from the board by matching them. The player can manipulate the tiles by sliding them across each other to swap tiles and make matches. The game offers 3 modes of play, including Classic, Time Trial, and Multiplayer.
This game is a fun and addictive match-two puzzle game. You have to select two identical tiles to remove them from the board. The more tiles you clear, the faster you score points. The goal in each level is to remove all tiles by matching pairs of free tiles.
Mahjong 3D Matching Puzzle is a 3-dimensional matching puzzle game. Beautiful graphics and relaxing music are easy to play and learn. The game aims to eliminate all blocks from the board by matching them into pairs.
The rules are simple: find identical mahjong tiles and match them with the same tiles to clear them. The more mahjong tiles you clear, the higher score you will get.


– Beautiful 3D graphics and animations
– Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
– Play offline with computer players
– Single Player Mode: play against the computer and win as many matches as possible!
– Two Player Mode: play against your friends or family members!
-Free to play, no in-app purchases
-3D Mahjongg is a matching puzzle game with a mahjong theme
-Play against the clock or match pieces at your leisure
-Choose from 6 different tile sets and 4 different backgrounds
-Earn stars for each level you beat, and use them to unlock new tilesets and backgrounds
-Play with your friends through Facebook and Game Center.
-Support for all orientations, including vertical, horizontal, and upside down.
-Two difficulty levels for each board: easy and hard.
-Lots of hints to help you find the best moves.
-No time limit, so you can play as long as you like!

Mahjong 3D Matching Puzzle apk

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