Convert your worn wood-burning modern flames Redstone built-in electric fireplace into a lively, stunning, and energy-efficient fire pit with this easy-to-install kit.

The Redstone is designed for use in the outdoor living area of any home. The kit includes all necessary parts and instructions to convert your existing fireplace into an attractive, functional, and safe fire pit. This equipment can be established by anyone who has basic carpentry crafts.

What is the difference between a flame-like and a realistic modern

A flame-like fireplace produces a flickering glow that resembles a real fire. It is ideal for those who want a decorative effect without having to worry about heat or smoke. A realistic fireplace simulates the appearance of a natural log fire, but it does not produce heat or smoke. It is perfect for those who want a more traditional look.

How do I install my new fire pit?

This kit comes complete with everything you need to get started. Simply follow the included installation instructions to assemble the fire pit. You will also find detailed information on how to properly maintain your fire pit after installation.

This product is intended for indoor use only. Please keep children and pets away from the fire pit when using this unit. Do not place the fire pit near combustible materials such as curtains, rugs, furniture, or other flammable items.

Product Description

Convert your old wood burning fireplace into a beautiful, safe, and efficient fire pit!


Easy to Install – No tools required

Safe – Fire pits are designed to safely contain fires within their own boundaries

Durable – Made of high quality steel and durable cast iron

Energy Efficient – Produces no harmful emissions

Beautiful – Looks great outdoors year round

How do I choose the right modern flames redstone electric heating

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best modern flames redstone electric fireplace for your needs. These include size, style, safety features, and cost.

Size: Size is one of the most important considerations when selecting a modern flames redstone electric heater. If you have limited space, then a smaller model may work better for you. However, if you have ample room, then a larger model might be more appropriate.

Style: Modern flames redstone electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles including contemporary, rustic, country, and classic. Each style offers its own unique appeal. For example, a rustic design would make a wonderful addition to a cabin or lodge while a sleek, contemporary model could fit perfectly in a modern home.

Safety Features: Some models offer additional safety features such as automatic shut offs, remote controls, and auto ignition systems. These features help ensure that your fire pit remains safe at all times.

Cost: Price should always be considered when purchasing a modern flames redstone electrical heater. While some models are inexpensive, others can cost thousands of dollars. Before making a purchase, determine what you plan to use the fire pit for and select a model based on these criteria.

Installation: Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before installing your new modern flames redstone electric fire pit. Follow the steps provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper assembly and operation. If you want to get further information, then click here for more details.

Maintenance: Once installed, regular maintenance is essential to keeping your modern flames redstone electric furnace operating efficiently. Cleaning the glass chimney regularly helps prevent soot build up which can cause damage to your unit.

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