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Whoopee cushion prank sounds Apk

Whoopee cushion prank sounds Apk
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A whoopee cushion is a hollow plastic or rubber cushion that makes a farting sound when compressed. The noise is produced by the build-up of air pressure inside the cushion. It is often used as a prank or joke item, although other uses have been found. Whoopee cushions are also known as honkers, farts or butt trumpets.
The term “whoopee cushion” has been in use since at least 1891 and was first mentioned in print in 1892; however, there are many documented instances of whoopee cushions being used earlier than this. One of the earliest references to such a device appears in an 1848 issue of Punch magazine, where it describes a “cushion that will emit noiseless wind.”
In 1878, Charles Darwin’s last book, The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals, was published posthumously; it included an illustration of someone holding up a whoopee cushion next to another person’s face while they sleep (see image). This drawing was done after Darwin’s death by his son Francis Darwin and grandson Leonard.
Whoopee cushion sounds are a great way to prank your friends, family, and coworkers. These whoopee cushions are not only fun but also make for a great laugh.
These sound effects can be used in any type of prank and are sure to get anyone’s attention. The sound effects can be played when someone sits down on a chair or even when they walk by a certain spot with a cushion.


The whoopee cushion is a classic prank. It’s not just for kids, either you can share the fun with your friends and family, even if they’re adults!

Here are some noises you can make with your whoopee cushion:

1. The “Fart” noise (or “farting”)

2. The “Raspberry” noise (or “blasting”)

3. The “Burp” noise

Whoopee cushion prank sounds Apk

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